Renewable and Efficent Energy Solutions for Alaska, 
the rest of United States and beyond.

Alaska Efficient Energy Solutions (AEES) is your 
one-stop-shop for all of your off-grid energy needs.




From new construction to off-grid conversions, AEES offers personalized consulative solutions to meet your needs. If you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your existing home to save money, move off grid or build a new off-grid home - we have you covered.

Reducing consumptions is often the the first step to energy independence -  and AEES has you covered. With solutions including data loggers and LED lighting to energy efficient buidling techniques heating systems. We believe that often energy saved has more value tha energy produced.

Whether you are looking to power your off-grid cabin or provide a back-up for your residence, AEES has the for solution you. Our power systems are sourced from brands with proven industrial-level reliability including: Schneider, Magnum, Sol-Ark, Enphase, Trojan Batteries, Simplify, Rolls Surrette and Fortress Battery.

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